SharePoint Online: New features

Microsoft is working hard to update Office 365 by adding new features and improving the overall user experience. I am very excited for the following new features. Note that some of these features are already live, being rolled out or still being developed.

You will no longer need to post the same message in multiple channels! With this new feature you can create one message and post it to multiple channels.

Teams: Post in multiple channels

SharePoint: Customize search results

This feature is still in development but highly anticipated. I cannot wait to be able to create custom search results with the new experience.

SharePoint: Organization assets library

This feature is deployed and ready to be used. You can create a central location for organization wide assets. This will help every user to quick find the company logo and other assets.


With MyAnalytics you can take a critical look at your Outlook and time usage. With these insights adjust you can adjust your planning to stay digitally fit.

Microsoft Search

The search experience will be extended, this means that where ever you are in Office 365 you will have access to a search bar. You’ll find the new Microsoft Search box at the top of several of the apps in Microsoft 365. It looks like this:

SharePoint: Drag and drop files to the canvas

It looks like a small change but it will make the live of content editors easier. We can now drag and drop files to the canvas (SharePoint page).

SharePoint: Quick edit

When in the quick edit mode you can do the following.

  • Reorder by dragging
  • Filtering
  • Adjust column width
  • People picker

SharePoint: Duplicate web parts

Another small but very helpful feature for content editors, we can now duplicate web parts!

SharePoint: undo and redo

The CTRL+Z & CTRL+Y has arrived, we can now undo and redo changes when editing pages!

Stream: Recycle bin

A recycle bin has been added to Stream. When a video is deleted it will be placed in the recycle bin, after 30 days the video will be deleted permanently.

Mijn inhoud - recycle bin menu-item

Stream: Replace video

Made a small change to a video and want to replace the old video? You now can replace it. This way the link and tags will remain the same.