Flow: Performance issue

In my previous blog post Flow: Start a flow with another flow I talked about a flow that was becoming very big and slow. In this blog post I will explain why the Flow was very slow and how you can prevent this from happening.

The purpose of the Flow was to convert a complete SharePoint List into a comma separated Excel file. This was not a simple extract but also various data manipulations and user profile data request where required. The Flow ended up with a large number of for each loops and unique variables.

Reason 1: Too many of the action Initialize variable

The Flow contained too many unique variables. I noticesd hat there was a steep incline in the overall processing time when I added more and more unique variables. It started to become slow after about 12 variables. Try too avoid to many unique variables.

Reason 2: Nested for each loops

The Flow also contained too many nested Apply to each actions. This slowed down the Flow but much less than the unique variables. Try too avoid nested loops.