SharePoint 2010 Workflow: Capture document set versions

When a user changes a document set the version is not automatically capture, the user can capture the version by manually . Capturing a version manually is down with the Capture Version button located in the Document Set Tab in the ribbon. This is not the a secure way to make sure all versions are captured. With a SharePoint 2010 workflow (not workflow 2013) you can capture all the versions automatically. The solution has been tested on SharePoint 2013 On Premise and SharePoint Online (Office 365).


There is a small bug with the action Capture a version of the Document Set, the action runs multiple time (equal to the number of columns) and captures multiple versions. To prevent this from happening add a wait action to the workflow, this will make sure that only one version will be captured.

  1. Create a SharePoint 2010 workflow
  2. Configure the workflow to Start Workflow automatically when an item is Changed
  3. Add the action Wait for Field Change in Current Item
  4. Set the action to: Wait for Modified by (column) to equal Current Item: Modified By (column)
  5. Add the action Capture a version of the Document Set, with comment: Version Captured by Workflow.
  6. The full workflow looks like this

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